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Kalmthoutse Heide

Covering an extensive area, and located to the north-west of the municipality, the Moorland is the pride and joy of Kalmhout. Forming part of a continuous natural area extending either side of the Belgian-Dutch border, the natural area covers roughly 6,000 ha: the cross-border park ‘De Zoom-Kalmhout Moorland’. Prized mainly for its ecological and cultural-historical assets, the area is definitely worth protecting for this reason

The reserve boasts a number of splendid hiking trails marked out and signposted with wooden poles. Most of the hiking trails start from the Putsesteenwe parking area but several trails are located in the northern part of the nature reserve, in the vicinity of Huijbergen (NL). The length of the trails varies from 3 to 8 km. A cross-border park hiking map is on sale for €2 in De Vroente visitors’ centre at the Kalmthout Tourist Office, both located in the main parking area along Putsesteenweg.

Guided tours for groups may be requested at the Kalmthout Tourist Office. You can book a guide to take you on a tour of the moorland biotope.


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